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Our auctions offer enormous savings on luxury merchandise such as fine art, jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches, rolexes, rubs, saphires, tanzanite, oriental rugs and much more.

Save as much as 70% off market retail value. These items normally cost tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars but are available at our auctions for the price you’re willing to pay.

You’re the one in control of the buying process — and you can compete for the best price in person.

We Run Auctions In Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Iowa and New York

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Fine art and jewelry at drastically reduced, liquidation prices. Sign up to be notified when we will be in your area.

    Original Oils and Acrylics on Canvas by:

    • Peter Max
    • H. Claude Pissarro
    • Alexander Antanenka
    • Tarkay
    • Icart
    • Alexandra Nechita
    • Paul-Emile Pissarro
    • Steve Penley
    • And More
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    Paul Emile Pissarro

    Artist: Paul Emile Pissarro Original Pastel EST Retail Value $15000 Starting at $1500
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    Steve Penley

    Steve Penley Original Medium: Oil on canvas Retail Value: $18000 Reserve: $1500
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    Steve Penley “Washington”

    Penley Original “Washington” “This piece was featured on Fox News “ It will be at auction this weekend. Retail Value $35000 Reserve $3000 We will be running three auctions in Rhode Island this weekend. Saturday 23rd Newport, RI Sunday 24th Providence, RI Monday 25th Warwick, RI
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    Joan Miro Grand Duc II

    Joan Miro Grand Duc II Retail Value: EST $15000 Auctioned In Atlanta on the 9th of June for $3200
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    Vincent Byers Original

    Vincent Byers Original Medium: Canvas Retail Value: EST $24000 Auctioned for $4500
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    Peter Max Flowers

    Peter Max Flowers Medium: Original Oil On Canvas Retail Value: EST $85000 Auction starting at $9000
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    Peter Max Love

    Peter Max Love Medium: Original Canvas Retail Value: EST $6500 Auctioned for: $2400

    How The Auction Works

    For many auction-world newcomers, it can be difficult to walk into an auction and feel comfortable. So to put you completely at ease, here’s a breakdown on how an auction works and how our auction process specifically unfolds.

    Step 1: Register

    This is free of change and of any obligations to bid. It is however required in order to make a bid. Registration happens on site and we encourage people to attend from the start of the preview.

    Step 2: The Preview

    This is your chance to browse our inventory of over 200 pieces of fine art and over 250 pieces of fine jewelry. Walk around, take it all in and mark those items that would you like to see auctioned with a sticker. (We’ll give those to you before this part of the auction process starts.)

    Our live auctions work on a request-only basis, so we use these stickers to determine which items will make it to the block and which ones won’t. This greatly speeds up the auction process.

    Step 3: The Auction

    It’s completely up to you as to which items you bid on.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all forms of payment and can also arrange for delivery or same-day pick up. (Just ask about our delivery services prior to the auction process.

    1. How are the art and jewelry valued?

    With more than 30 years of experience in auctioneering, we offer quality assurance, expert evaluation and certification.

    Our artwork is evaluated by our trained experts to determine if it is the original or a copy of the supposed painting, sculpture or piece of art. After determining that it is a legitimate piece, it becomes available for auction and is allocated an estimated retail value as a guide.

    1. Who can attend the auction?

    Anyone is welcome to attend and there is no cost to do so. You also have no obligation to bid, that is totally up to you.

    1. When are the auctions held?

    Check each auction listing for the exact times, but the previews are normally held at 12:30 PM with the auction at 1 PM on weekends while weekday auctions start at 10:30 AM with the previews with the auction beginning at 11 AM.

    Signed Lithographs, Seriographs and Etchings by:

    • Picasso
    • Chagall
    • Miro
    • Dali
    • Peter Max
    • Warhol
    • Pissarro
    • Hockney
    • Martisse
    • Erte
    • Rockwell
    • And many more
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    Picasso Lithograph

    Picasso Lithograph Medium: Lithograph Retail Value: EST $7500-$9000 Auctioned for $800
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    Dali Lithograph

    Dali Lithograph Medium: Hand signed Lithograph Retail Value: EST $14000 Auctioned in Atlanta for $1600
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    Picasso Lithograph

    Picasso Lithograph Year: 1954 Medium: Lithograph Retail Value: EST $1800 Auctioned for: $425 2nd June 2018

    Join One Of Our Auctions

    Fine art and jewelry at drastically reduced, liquidation prices. Sign up to be notified when we will be in your area.

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      All Art and Jewelry Authenticated and Certified.